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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It's been nearly 4 years since I moved into Brisbane. I hadn't have a chance to go back to my hometown Tokyo since then.. but suddenly unexpected return had come true.. It wasn't a good reason to go back because I had to face my family death for the first time, but still catching up with family and friends is always pleasure.

Matz is one of my mates from hometown local skate park who distribute "I-PATH" into Japan. I have been fun of I-PATH shoes for long time, especially grasshopper model. Matz has been helping me out to get shoes and I had a chance to meet him this time. We only had half an hour to catch up and unfortunately we didn't ride as well. But it was nice to see him because we are a few riders who still ride in Komazawa local since early 90's.

I have been shearing I-PATH shoes with Fairfeild local mates James Nye and Jorege Jackson. They are not only motivated dirt diggers but also stylish riders who alway make me feel like riding. We are loving to wear
 I-PATH... Thank you Matz..

短い滞在期間の中で、沢山の人に会うことができたその中で,同じ駒沢ローカルでI-PATH JAPAN のMatz君にも会うことができた。少しの時間しか話すことはできなかったが、自分が自転車を始めた90's前半から、同じローカルで乗っていたライダーに会えることは嬉しかった。オーストラリアにはI-PATHがないため、Matz君にはお世話になっている。
FairfeildローカルのJames とJorege もI-PATHを気がお気に入りの様子。

梅雨のような雨ばかりの今日この頃、雨がやんだつかぬまのスケートパークでのPhot session

                                                                                                                       James Nye   

                                                                                                  Goerge Jackson

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