Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Japan trip

I was in Japan for 3 weeks holiday in May this year. I did't make many plans except family trip toYakushima  
and just saw whats coming up to me. All whats happened was hanging out with a trail digger Sal. I could visit 3 trails spots Coop, Gyoza and Crow. Sal made this all possible for me because of his strong connection through core trails diggers. This was diffidently the main events during this trip.  I didn't want to take many photos because just wanted ride. So there are not many photos of trails but but ive got some good photos of Enda Satoshi at Ura Crow. I was glad to see good riders shredding those technical trails and  ride them together. I had so much fun. I'm pretty sure that I was riding the last day at Ura Crow with fully snapped flame from top tube..

at coop trails

at Coop trails

at Gyoza second rip photo by Sal

ghost ride to tree right next the second at gyoza  photo by Sal

Japanese dirt king Enda Satoski at Ura crow1






Solar eclipse from Komazawa Park in Tokyo 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tacos's Australia Trip

ENCOUNTER has issued #2 that includes an article of Tacos's Australia trip. He stayed in my place for 5 days and hanged out mostly at my trails and skateparks around Brisbane and Gold coast. Tacos has been digging his trails for more than a decade and leading Japanese trail scene.

When I visited his trails in Japan this June, we got to know each other more and what we found out that we purse for riding is pretty much the same. That became the reason for him to decide destination for his trip.

Our five day was full on, we had great fun with riding and digging..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nimbin snake

I went to a bit of road trip with my mate Rahda, Tony and Che to Nimbin, because I've been hearing good reputation of the new skatepark in there.
About 3 hours drive with bit of mocking around on the way from Brisbane and we finally got there..
Curving throw the snake line with 4 corners into about 11 foot  bowl at the end of the line was absolutely amazing..
We had a great fun..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Saturday session in early spring

All the green has been back on trees and creatures are full of energy.. Not much rain, not too hot, it is the best season of our trails. The condition of all the transitions is better than ever before. I had a awesome session with my mate brad today.. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An abandoned house

When my mate Cal and myself were driving around mountain side of Gold coast. We were suppose to see water falls and views, but we found a crazy looking abandoned house that we could easily give up to go to see those scenery..