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Thursday, September 9, 2010

three sixty trails

I've been digging this trail with a bunch of Fairfield local mates for over a year and now started running good. we still struggle to make all the lines coz every single digger have own favor of angle and speed and such.. but we've been definitely improving our skills for making jumps and getting more knowledge for characteristic of dirt.

It is generally pretty hard to keep these kind of trails in public places due to Australian law for public dirt jumps and actually couple of trails have been demolished last few years around Brisbane. but somehow our trails has gotten "silent approval" by city council guys who ride mountain bike. There are couple of reasons that city council guys can let this place go, which are how tidy this place is, their understanding of how much effort we've been spent on this place and the main reason is the land shape. The shape of this place is like a island with creek go around, so they even said any heavy duty machine won't be able to come in..
It was the happiest moment of our digging life when the city council guy was telling this story to us..


トレールを持続するのは難しい、実際にここ一年の間で、数か所のトレールはCity council
・City councilの人がマウンテンバイクに乗っていて理解があること。
この話をCity councilの彼から聞いたときは最高の瞬間だった。

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